Autumn is coming!


The end of this summer has been busy for me here in MN- I feel like I haven’t had a free weekend till now – but I’m not complaining! This time of the year is always eventful: There’s beach days to have while the lakes are warm, bonfires, concerts, fairs and festivals, weddings, anniversaries, and family! So much fun!

I’m a typical introvert (if there even is such a thing as a typical introvert) and find going out exhausting most of the time despite enjoying myself, but this year I made it a goal to go out more, experience more and take more pictures. Since my husband is of the same mindset our days off get scooped up pretty quick, as I’m sure you can imagine, and we’ve even learned to squeeze things in before and after work, which normally would have been unheard of for us. I’m actually rather proud of myself, so I’m going to share my experiences (and recommendations) so far:

  • We went to the Game of Thrones live concert experience in February which was AMAZING! Ramin Djawadi is such a fantastic composer, let me tell you! The music is so epic and haunting and beautiful – I’m eager to get one of the soundtracks! If you’re a fan of the show I highly recommend it!

  • We attended a Tol-Con (the 1st Tolkien inspired Con in MN) Pre-Con party at Bauhaus– though I’ve just learned that the actual Con has been cancelled due to venue issues and conflicting events. 🙁
The decor was on par with Bilbo’s party – loved that little touch – and the Ginger Beer was yummy! I’m not a beer drinker myself, so this was what I got, along with a wonderful pasty from Potter’s Pasty food truck!
  • I went to a PlantNite with my BFF for my birthday – I adore plants even if I’ve seemed to have turned from a Green-Thumb into a blue-ish black thumb when it comes to them…I’ve no idea why – I blame it on being in a little apartment with only a little bit of dappled western light coming through the living room window in the evening…
Isn’t my little Parasaur cute?! I could not resist this little guy!
  • We took a drive up to Mille Lacs for a Whose Live Anyway show; My husband absolutely adores Whose Line is it Anyway, so this was a must see event for us! It was so great- they were hilarious as always and I laughed till my face hurt!
I could not for the life of me get a decent picture of the actual event, so here’s the blurry screenshot that I excitedly sent to my husband when I found out about it! lol
  • We hosted a board game day with some friends – though it ended up being just one long run of Trivial Pursuit! Haha! Not that surprising!



  • We went to opening night of Spiderman: Homecoming – we’ve seen it twice so far and I wouldn’t be surprised if the hubby manages to squeeze it into date night again, as Spiderman is his favorite…lol I love him too, so that works for me. And then a few days later we ran to a showing of Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2, because it was the only Marvel movie we hadn’t seen in theaters yet and it was nearly gone by the time we got to it! Phew! Crisis averted!


  • We had a beautiful wedding to attend and also got to babysit our nieces (can we say Craft Day?!) 😀 That always makes my day! They are such sweet, creative girls!


  • We met some of our amazing friends at the Uptown Art Fair and had a blast!- I’d always meant to go but always was working, and then when I finally got weekends off I didn’t hear about it until after it was already over, so this was a HUGE triumph for me! And I got a fantastic mug from Steven Showalter’s pottery booth! I took pretty much every ceramics class I could when I was getting my AFA and tutored, as well as mixed the clay and glazes, and fired and emptied the kilns (which was an amazing experience) so I’m pretty picky when it comes to the ceramics that I buy because I already have a billion of my own pieces littering my home and taking up my storage unit. So to finally find an artist whose work I truly adore and am willing to purchase is a rarity that I enjoyed – such beautiful glazes, textures and forms!
My lovely mug! :3







  • Our 1st Wedding Anniversary was this year and since we’re not big on spending tons of money when we could be putting it towards more necessary things we decided to just hang out at Mall of America (Our first date was wandering around the mall and eating at Masu’s – and yes, we are strange, but it was so much fun!) – we love the Barnes and Noble there, it’s huge in comparison to our local one with music and movies even, and there are so many fun new things to do at MoA! (Blacklight mini golf, Sea Life, Smaaash gaming and entertainment center…to name a few) I thought I was being smart by wearing my sketchers since I was expecting a lot of walking, but apparently they weren’t the best to wear without socks – I ended up with massive blisters on my ankles- so we had to cut the day short. :/ Oh well! It was still a great day, and I got to spend it all with my hubby, which is a rarity!


  • Last but not least so far this year, I went to opening day at the MN Renaissance Festival with a friend. What should be literally a straight shot all the way there turned into quite the run around thanks to the never ending construction in Minnesota, but we went nice and early to beat the mad parking rush and the weather was amazing for us! I tried the Apple Dumplings this year and I can say they are a new favorite of mine, and of course I had to get the traditional Turkey Leg, because you just have to. No choice there. We found an amazing Gandalf wandering about, smoking his pipe, and an absolutely beautiful dragon costume (note to self: learn how to make amazing leather masks…). We visited the petting zoo as well, which I’ve actually never done despite how many times I’ve been there, and I got to pet a kangaroo and admire the elephants! :3 It was a great day! And of course I spent way too much!


Well, with only a few months left in the year I hope to add more to my experiences, (I’m thinking the Como Zoo and maybe an Autumn Train ride up north? Or a visit to the Arboretum and/or the Minneapolis Institute of Art?) and I look forward to adding more next year as well! And the year after that!

I hope you enjoyed my list of recommendations!

Now I just have a Halloween party to plan! 😉